Knees and knockers keep it real


QI (BBC Two, Friday, September 6, 10pm)

What’s it all about? We’re now onto the ‘K’ series, in which each episode will feature subjects beginning with that letter.

The first edition is tantalisingly entitled Knees and Knockers – goodness only knows what teasers the QI elves will have devised for the guests.

Comedians Jack Whitehall, David Mitchell and Sara Pascoe will be attempting to answer the questions, alongside regular panel member Alan Davies.

But let’s face it, nobody really tunes in to have their minds expanded by the topics under discussion, although some facts do seep in, often without you even realising it, thus enabling you to bamboozle and baffle your friends during nights down the pub.

No, the entire show is made worthwhile by Fry’s presence and ability to make what could be mundane rather fascinating.

Look Out For: Well, Fry is always worth watching, no matter what. But what should be interesting is seeing how Sara Pascoe copes. This will be her popping her QI cherry here, but she is a veteran of other institutions, including the Edinburgh Festival, where she launched a new show this year.