Knighthood for former Midlothian MP

Former Midlothian MP, Sir David Hamilton at his home in  Woodburn
Former Midlothian MP, Sir David Hamilton at his home in Woodburn

Former Midlothian MP David Hamilton has told of his pride at receiving a knighthood in the Queen’s birthday honours for his political service.

Sir David Hamilton (65), worked as a miner at Monktonhall Colliery for nearly 20 years, where he was the youngest ever union delegate. He was the Labour councillor for Woodburn and Cousland from 1995 to 2001,and then he was elected to serve Midlothian as its MP in 2001, before retiring last year.

Sir David said: “It has been a turn up for the books. It’s a really great honour. Being offered a knighthood is something I never expected.

“It’s in recognition of my work in parliament, especially for ex-miners.

“My family is over the moon. And my mum, who is 91, is very proud.

“I told my mother on Wednesday and I don’t think she believed me until she saw it in the newspapers on Saturday. It was really terrible keeping it a secret.

“I’m so proud. I take it as an honour for the family and all the people I have been able to help over the years.”

Sir David is enjoying his retirement: “It’s brilliant. I never wanted to be in parliament when I’m 70. My wife and I talked about it and wanted to enjoy retirement.

“I’m on the board at the mining museum and the mineworkers’ convalescent home, and I help other organisations. But the good thing is, it is at my pace. It’s not too demanding.

“I’m enjoying my life. I have got five grandkids, so I see a lot more of them. And I’m renewing friendships with people that I have not seen for years.”