Labour for Independence row hots up in Midlothian

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The party credentials of a group claiming to support the ‘Labour For Independence’ movement are under question in Midlothian.

It is alleged that Labour For Independence is a sham set up by SNP supporters.
Councillor Milligan said: “I’ve been a Labour activist in Bonnyrigg, Lasswade and Poltonhall for many years and I can tell you that this is not a photograph of Labour members for anything. It is a group of SNP activists holding a Labour banner. I’m not convinced LFI even exists in Bonnyrigg let alone Midlothian. It’s seemingly just a group of SNP councillors and activists trying to fool and deceive people.”

Pictured third from the right in the above image is Celia Fitzgerald, a member of the Labour Party and former SNP activist who switched allegiances last year.

An SNP spokesman said: “The Labour Party would do better to worry about why they are 18 points behind the SNP in the polls, and why they refuse to commit to scrapping the Tory Bedroom Tax. 
“The Labour for Independence group is organised by members of the Labour Party – others who support a Yes vote are perfectly entitled to campaign across party boundaries with them, including obviously SNP members. 
“That is a rather better development than the Labour Party working hand in glove with the Tories in the No campaign.”