Law firm urges support for Newtongrange mining museum

Scottish Mining Museum, Newtongrange
Scottish Mining Museum, Newtongrange

An Edinburgh company is encouraging people across Fife and the Lothians to support their National Industrial museums this summer.

Through a social media campaign they will be helping to promote events and encouraging visitors to support the two centres of national heritage financially.

Solicitor at Pagan Osborne and Company Secretary of the National Mining Museum Scotland, Andrew Boyd, said:

“It is particularly important to me that the National Mining Museum Scotland continues to be recognised and enjoyed by the community around Midlothian. It presents a key part in our history which I’m sure many local families share.

“I want people to be aware of how important it is to support our Industrial Museums and what they can do to keep these institutions running to be enjoyed by future generations.

“At Pagan Osborne we’re keen to promote what’s going on to help attract new visitors and to offer advice on how people can make the most of their charitable giving through donations.”