Leave nests in place

A NATIONAL campaign has been launched to deter egg thieves from targeting wild birds’ nests this spring.

PAW Scotland (the Partnership for Action against Wildlife Crime) is appealing to the public to help ensure breeding birds are left in peace.

Chairman Scottish Environment Minister Stewart Stevenson said: “While our member organisations are making significant headway tackling egg thieves, they can’t do it alone, and we depend on everyone who’s out and about in the countryside to be vigilant and report suspicious activity to the police.”

Operation Easter was established in 1997, and thanks to intelligence sharing between the police, National Wildlife Crime Unit and RSPB, there has been effective enforcement action against egg thieves. There have been several seizures of egg collections in recent years.

Anyone who suspects people are involved in egg theft or other rural crime should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the police.