Legal advice sought on Penicuik barricade

Barricade at Cairnbank Road, Penicuik
Barricade at Cairnbank Road, Penicuik

Midlothian Council is to take legal advice after a barricade appeared on a road that is popular with walkers accessing Penicuik Estate,

The barrier appeared a day after Midlothian Council took down ‘no access’ signs 

Harry Jamieson contacted the Advertiser with concerns about the actions of the residents of Cairnbank Road, Penicuik. For decades this public road has led walkers onto the Penicuik Estate.

Recently, local residents put up no access signs, but Midlothian Council took action to have them removed.

The residents have now put up barriers and more notices at the same spot.

Mr Jamieson said: “It’s very annoying that people try to take things over. Doing things that aren’t right. It’s a public right of way. People take their dogs there.

“However, these people put a notice on the gate from the estate to say there was no access to Penicuik Estate.

“But nobody at Penicuik Estate would do that, they are fine people. The family has been there for about 500 years. They don’t act like that.

“Over a period of time Midlothian Council has listened to people like me and told these locals to take these 
signs down, as it was a lie.

“The next day they put up a big enormous gate and more private notices. That was over the weekend (June 4 and 5).

“These people want to close the road and start taking over the green area there that’s not theirs at all.

“They live on this so called private road. But it’s actually a public right of way.”

Midlothian Council has said that it is currently seeking legal advice on how to deal with the issue.

A spokesperson for Midlothian Council said: “The council is very aware of this issue as we’ve had several complaints from the public about the obstruction to the access route.

“We are currently taking legal guidance.”