Let’s do it for Lyle!

The cornet family from Loanhead. Lyndsey Cornet holding Lyle Cornet (nearly 2yrs old) and Tjay Cornet holding Chris Cornet (3yrs old).
The cornet family from Loanhead. Lyndsey Cornet holding Lyle Cornet (nearly 2yrs old) and Tjay Cornet holding Chris Cornet (3yrs old).

A community which rallied round to help a young boy with an inoperable brain tumour has helped raise over £3500 with a sponsored walk.

Dozens of supporters turned out for the event, which is one of a number organised to help the family of 23-month-old Lyle Cornet.

The aim is for the family to build a wetroom and carer room for Lyle, with builders quoting the price at around £60,000.

But with Sunday’s walk, and a flurry of local events by various groups, firms, and community members, the total amount raised has reached £17,000 in just a few weeks.

The three-mile walk went from Loanhead to Roslin and has passed the £3500 mark, with donations still coming in.

Lyle’s mum Lyndsey (24), said she was overwhelmed by the response from local people who have pitched in to help. “It’s been amazing,” she said.

“The support has just been fantastic. Even the wet and windy weather couldn’t stop everyone getting involved. The kids just got on with it.

“In fact the kids seemed to enjoy it even more because of the weather.

“It was really overwhelming.

“It’s just so nice that everyone has been so supportive.”

When Lyle was just nine months old, he was taken to hospital with an infection. Lyndsey and Lyle’s dad Tjay (25) were also worried about him starting to shake on the left side of his body.

An MRI scan revealed he had a large tumour around his brain which doctors say will require him to use a wheelchair and get round-the-clock care.

“Lyle has spent a lot of his life in and out of hospital, and he was in neurology.

“But he’s only been diagnosed in the last year.

“He is life-limited and has to be tube-fed.

“It can be hard being a parent and having to do everything, so I’m off work now as I’m Lyle’s carer.”

Lyndsey says Lyle is on a course of chemotherapy for the next 15 months.

“The support has been wonderful.

“We really can’t thank everyone enough.”

A number of other events are still being organised in the area to help raise the funds and reach the £60,000 needed.

Lyle’s brother Chris (3), has previously had a benign tumour removed.

Lyle is the grandson of the late Scotland and British Lions rugby star Bruce Hay.

Hay played 23 times for Scotland between 1975 and 1982 – was suffering from a brain tumour when he died aged 57 in 2007.

A JustGiving page has already raised £5000. It can be found at www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lyndsey-cornet