Let’s favour the stick and flick

Let's stop bagging and flinging!
Let's stop bagging and flinging!

Is it me or is there a reason for going to the trouble of bagging dog poo and then throwing it away?

Not only that, it seems some folk like to hang their bags in trees and bushes just to make sure we don’t miss them!

Now don’t get me wrong, I am all in favour of bagging and binning. It’s just bagging and flinging that gets my goat! To tell the truth, in rural areas I prefer the ‘stick and flick’ method.

Just pick up a bit of stick and flick the poo off the path, out of harm’s way, no bag needed.

Can it really be true we have become so used to seeing litter, that people see no harm in leaving these bags all over the place? Can folk really think a discarded bag of poo is preferable to not 
bagging it in the first place?

The legal requirement in public places is to bag and bin your dog’s leavings.

It’s such a shame in view of the great reduction of litter levels since we started charging for supermarket carrier bags.

Once these multi-coloured bags decorated trees and fences anywhere near human habitation. Now they are hardly ever seen. What a change! If only we could consign discarded poo bags to history in the same way.

Of course, I am preaching to the converted here.

I know no nature loving Country Corner reader would even dream of committing such a despicable act! So remember,it’s bag and bin, not bag and fling.

Or in rural parts, surely stick and flick is at least preferable to the scene my photograph illustrates?

By George Hogg