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Turbines are not wanted

Ms Thorburn, of Wind Prospect (Advertiser, June 27), claims that 71% of Scotland is in favour of wind farms.

She should surely be more sceptical that means anything at all. Having claimed that a majority of Midlothian supported their proposal based on a telephone poll, within six weeks 1080 people objected and only 67 for. When Midlothian people were faced with the reality of their much-loved landscape, opinion turned rapidly against the proposal. As for the 71%, nearly all of those live in cities and don’t face the damage and destruction wreaked by wind farms on the lives of local people. Low-carbon electricity can be generated anywhere. There is no reason to pick Mount Lothian.

Wind Prospect has chosen what is probably the most sensitive wildlife site in southern Scotland, with osprey, curlew, great crested newt, noctule bat and rare butterflies all protected species and all at extreme risk of destruction by this proposal.

The company is only here to make enormous profits at the expense of all of us and a burden borne most heavily by the weakest and poorest in our community. And the final insult is that we are made to pay for the destruction of wilderness and landscape alike. The generating policy of the UK is set strongly against the ordinary consumer and strongly in favour of big business and the indifference those organisations often have to the damage to people’s lives they leave in their wake.

Ms Thorburn may harp on about the million or so they might dispense over 25 years, but that is generally less than 1% of the profit they will make and much less than the landowner will make for doing nothing at all. There is a great excess of wind farm applications in Scotland and there is no justifiable reason for this application. I advise Wind Prospect to depart and leave Midlothian alone. It has been shown you are not wanted here.

Professor Tony Trewavas

Chairman, Penicuik Environment Protection Association

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