Letters to the Editor


I have entered my fourth decade as a resident of Penicuik, in that time I have found the advantages of living in the town outway the disadvantages.

The location lends itself as a commuter town, good schools and a recreational provision that most would envy.

Access to country walks, parks and good social provision. Penicuik has a number of long established licensed premises and food provision. The lack of independant retail outlets is bemoaned, but no more so than any other comparable town.

The loss of mining and papermaking in the town was a body blow, but communities from those eras still believe in the town. I was a little bemused on Wednesday, before I had a chance to read the Advertiser, I met a proffessional gentleman who had moved into Penicuik within the last three years, we got chatting about the positives of living there. When I suggested that we have a beer some time, he recoiled and said: “Oh I do not go out it Penicuik , I have been told that all the pubs/hostelries are a bit rough”.

That mindset was not borne from experience, but from lore and media coverage.

Tittle, tattle and scaremongering he heard on his arrival deterred him from eating or having a drink out.

Small wonder take away delivery outlets flourish if people would rather eat at home with bottle of wine than venture out to face the drunken hordes.

Now, do not take my sentiment as support of yobbish behaviour, but a plea to support your local, clubs, pubs and restaurants and dispell hysterical reaction.

There is not a single licensed premise in the EH26 area that I would be hesitant in entering. Somehow a trend of eating take-aways at home watching mediocre TV, or the old barbeque happening has replaced enjoying the good things that Penicuik has to offer. Live music, a new comedy initiative, petanque and other efforts to name a few only attract the intrepid.

If you have recently moved to Penicuik, on behalf of all the thoroughly good people I have known, over the years, welcome.

Those that know me, will testify that I am apolitical and have no vested interest in any individual business.

R.D. Macdonald

Cuiken Terrace, Penicuik