Letters to the Editor

Penicuik Motocross

I am a local in the Deanburn area of Penicuik. I read your report and in response have many views.

I have a motocross bike that I use in the Deanburn field regularly, but I try to be as responsible as possible about it. I keep the noise levels to a minimum until I am at the furthest point. I don’t do it early morning or late at night.

I respect other people using the area (dog walkers) all ways turning my engine off or turning around until they are a good distance away. I feel that the issue of having no where to use my dirtbike needs to be addressed, but I am aware that there have been many attempts at this without any success.

I can honestly say that it is a joke. There are many pubs in Penicuik that bring more trouble to our town than us bikers want to cause.

The council built a skate park to keep the kids off the streets with their rollerblades, but I don’t like skating, I like biking, but technically I can’t do it due to having no where to go, and with the added costs of transport, I cannot afford to buy a car then fit a towbar, then buy a trailer, then drive all the way through to Lochgelly for a shot on my bike.

Scot Campbell

Anne Street, Penicuik