Letters to the Editor

I write with deep concern that Midlothian Council can again refuse to listen to the public when deciding the future of young children.

Sadly, having the misfortune of dealing with social services and what have now been proven to be wrong decisions, Mr Mackay’s team try covering them up with more incorrect decisions and all stick together – worse than FIFA.

People of Woodburn, please don’t expect to win this battle.

Whilst I think the committee of the Miners’ Club should be thanked for offering to accommodate the groups using the community centre, I don’t however, think a “pub” is a good place for a nursery to be held, especially when there is a ready-made building at Thornybank.

My questions are – where has the money for land at Kippielaw and Kelly’s Yard behind James Lean Avenue gone to? Please don’t say to build houses, that’s why rents were allegedly raised.

Surely, if the council did the Thornybank building up, they’d get their money back when they sell the community centre land, or would that eat up expenses?

Every week, councillors are pictured at some function so Mr Statham, time to start doing what you said to get elected and back the people of Woodburn or are you just the same ‘yes’ man as the rest?

Finally, can anyone tell me the name of the grass, can, bottle, stick and glass cutting machine Midlothian Council use on our amenity areas? How much money is wasted on machinery breakdowns – could this be down to lazy operators?

Craig Pennycuick,

James Lean Avenue, Dalkeith

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