Letters to the Editor

Not money well spent

As I live in Newtongrange, my sister is here on holiday from Malta.

She lived in Dalkeith many years ago, so I took her to see the new roadwork and so on.

I was to say the least very, very disappointed when we were walking along the street.

It was full of litter, chewing gum, and worst of all, dog poo outside Boots. It had been walked on and taken on someone’s shoe along the street.

What kind of people are we turning into, to allow this to happen? After all the money that was spent on this revamp.

Well, I don’t think the money was well used at all.

It would have been better being put to something else for the people of this part of the city, to help the younger generation, or even the older people.

But no, what does the council do? Spend good money on what, I might ask.

I would love to meet the group who passed this work and give them a piece of my mind.

Come on, where’s this all going to end, spending money for this kind of work that looks half done?

I know it gave many men jobs, I don’t mind that one bit. I’m all for giving people work. But to spend good money for this, I’m really very disappointed, to say the least .

It’s not money well spent at all.

E Byrne

Lingerwood Road


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