Letters to the Editor

Excuse me!

I read an article in the Advertiser on September 1, regarding Dalkeith Miners’ Social Club, and feel compelled to air my views concerning some of the comments made, such as (1) preventing crime and disorder; (2) preventing public nuisance; (3) poor management and control.

Excuse me! I thought numbers 1 and 2 were police objectives? I take it the police are referring to disturbances outside the club.

Surely the committee are not expected to follow youths outside to make sure they get home safely?

I’ve seen at first hand how officials handle trouble, both before it escalates and after, and they do it admirably.

There are idiots who kick and smash the entrance doors because they are refused entry, and refuse to stop. That’s when police are called. What are the officials meant to do in such circumstances?

If property is being vandalized, or persons are causing a disturbance should the police not be called? Is that not why we have police, to deal with such matters?

Reading the article in the Advertiser does not show this club in a good light, and I take exception to that. The top officials all have full time jobs and give a lot of their time to the running of DMWC.

There are many, many people who use the premises, not just idiots who cause trouble. But the better side is never portrayed.

There are all sorts of classes go there, dance, ballet, fitness, also weddings, tea dances, birthday parties, funerals, fundraising events, and talent shows to name but a few.

During the summer, the OAP members are treated to a day out to Perth or Stirling after breakfast cooked by the caterers. Later it’s back to the club for a two course meal, and an evening’s entertainment, and all watched over by our committee.

At Christmas the OAPs are again treated to dinner and entertainment. All very enjoyable and very much appreciated.

Children aren’t forgotten either at Christmas, a panto or a show is organised, juice, crisps, sweets handed out by committee, and of course a Santa with selection boxes.

The article headed “Club on Probation” does not reflect the time and effort that goes on behind the scenes, meetings with brewers, auditors etc., largely goes unnoticed even by members.

I also feel the comments made in the article, questions the committment and integrity of the officials and committee, and that is unacceptable in my view.

Our MP David Hamilton has on many occasions been a guest at DMWC as a speaker or just as a visitor. He has spoken highly of the club and the effort put in by all concerned. Not a bad endorsement surely.

So back to number (3) “poor management and control” I don’t think so.

Name & address withheld

Editor’s note: The article we published on September 1 was a report of a meeting of Midlothian Licensing Board, which gave the club six months to improve its operating standards after police called for a review of its licence.

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