Letters to the Editor

Today’s youth

I certainly hope I am not the only reader who read the first article in the Crimebeat section of last week’s paper with a heavy heart.

It is bad enough to read about four bus windows being smashed by mindless vandals but when the group concerned were aged between five and seven, it is quite shocking.

What on earth are children of that age doing roaming about without supervision at 6.40pm?

Do their parents not know, or care, where their children are and what they are getting up to?

If this is an insight into the attitude of children in Midlothian and Scotland, as I’m sure it’s not just happening in Penicuik, then heaven help us.

It’s bad enough when this behaviour is exhibited by older children and teenagers but what is happening when we begin to have groups of small children performing acts of vandalism like this?

Discipline is a rude word in too many households but surely this must tell parents that it is necessary to instill some form of knowledge of right from wrong.

A few pages on from this article were the photos of all the new P1 intake for Midlothian and they all look so young and vulnerable. Hard to think that some of them were possibly involved.

What hope is there for the future?

Name and address withheld

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