Letters to the Editor

Answer the points

I read with dismay the ‘Letter from Holyrood’ from Christine Grahame MSP.

Do our parliament representatives understand how much we have to rely on them?

Anyone can have opinions about major investments being proposed by the government and express them.

However, there is lots of detail about these projects that never reaches many of us unless we examine published papers and spend many hours searching them.

Thank goodness Midlothian has Peter Smaill who explained, in his recent letter to this paper, some of the risks involved.

The expectation that the building costs will rise and the final result will be a service that we will subsidise at £20 per head per journey is something that Christine describes as ‘negative scare stories’.

Christine must be a responsible representative who we can rely on, so please answer the points raised so we all do not appear to have learned nothing from the tram cutbacks and growing costs.

What are the current estimates for all the Waverley line costs of the roads, rail and bridges involved?

How much are the annual estimates for the subsidies required in the years 2015 to 2020?

People in Newtongrange and Gorebridge should indeed expect to know her answers. I advise them to ignore her glossy views until they are provided in a form that can be believed.

While we wait for information, will the people of Newtongrange and Gorebridge at least test the service that already exists from Newcraighall or perhaps also make a journey to see the track that has been laid.

The Whitehill Road bridge (Post code EH21 8RY) over the existing mineral railway through Millerhill sidings allows a view towards Newcraighall rail station and a view towards Millerhill where red buffers now exist.

Two features are clear; it is a single rail track and the electrification does not continue along the Waverley line.

While there, consider my preferred design. It is to use electric locomotives, a double track and limit the rail extension to the new Shawfair town.

Tony Galloway

Mitchell Street, Dalkeith

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