Letters to the Editor

Project Penicuik

I refer to the welcome article about Project Penicuik in your September 29 issue and to Councillor Margaret Wilson’s letter (Advertiser, October 6), both of which have been brought to my attention.

As Councillor Wilson is aware, nowhere in my annual report did I suggest that the ‘landscaping along John Street’ was a Project Penicuik undertaking with ‘financial support from Councillor Margaret Wilson (SNP)’.

Rather did I go out of my way to ‘acknowledge [her] personal initiative ..... in promoting and supporting the much-needed relandscaping of the west side of John Street between Cuiken Avenue and Cuiken Terrace’.

Project Penicuik will always give credit to those who seek to improve the local natural and built environment, and as your article makes plain, there is a particular welcome – and need – in its ranks for anyone who is in a position and has the enthusiasm to take its work forward.

David Fletcher

Chairman, Project Penicuik

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