Letters to the Editor

Letter appreciated

I much appreciate the tribute to my father, Philip Dundas, by Alex Hutchinson, through your letter columns on November 24. I would endorse all Alex says.

My Dad worked tirelessly and determinedly, albeit quietly, to introduce AA to Scotland.

He was also a warm and “hands on father” at a time when Edwardian principals tended to prevail and fathers could be distant and discipline wielding figures to their offspring.

My happiest memories of him as a child are expeditions along Princes Street in the upper stories of the trams.

I wish my children could have known such a grandfather, I wish I had had him for longer, my life spanned his for only twelve years.

At least he died close to his maker peaceful in the knowledge the demons that had dogged his life were overcome.

Althea Dundas-Bekker

Arniston House, Gorebridge

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