Letters to the Editor

Warden needed

Re: The letter ‘Street allowed to Die’ in which the writer deplores the down-turn in Gorebridge’s fortunes.

Despite there being few shops in Gorebridge and free public parking, drivers still park on double yellow lines thus disrupting traffic flow.

The two disabled parking bays, especially the one adjacent to the chemist shop, are regularly used by able-bodied persons. It is my understanding that these bays are not policed as they are a courtesy only, for the disabled. Thus the inconsiderate (with no conscience) may be unsociable.

Midlothian Council recently introduced a £60 fine for mis-use of disabled parking facilities in council controlled lots.

I suggest a traffic warden visit the parking lot adjacent to Newbyres Medical Centre. In Gorebridge, a traffic warden could get writer’s cramp.

Tom Reidy

Dundas Gardens, Gorebridge

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