Letters to the Editor

Shake-up is overdue

How glad I was to read in last week’s paper that other readers are fed up with the Party Political Broadcasts we suffer every week in the letters page(s)!

Perhaps this is the way the councillors/MPs/MSPs/community councils think we want to hear about how they conduct their affairs but it does nothing more than make them seem like little schoolchildren with their “he said – she said” attitudes.

Just get on with your duties and, as was suggested, talk to each other instead of writing petty letters.

I notice it only seems to be Labour and SNP representatives who write to you too. Do others have nothing to say or are they more grown up and conduct their business in private? Why has no-one ever written from The Monster Raving Loony Party? I’m sure they’d have quite a following if they had a letter printed!

Maybe our council should have the same rules as the US Presidency and not allow anyone to be elected for more than two terms in office. A shake-up is more than overdue.

Name & address withheld

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