Letters to the Editor

Thanks for local press

In response to one of your letter writers who says he is fed up to the back teeth of local politicians having a dig at each other in your publication

I would like to thank the Advertiser for allowing our politicians to express their views in your Letter pages, otherwise there would be issues that we would never get to hear about.

He goes on to suggest that they should “SORT IT OUT” (his capitals) in private. That’s exactly why democracy has virtually disappeared, along with tax payers money, in Scotland’s local authorities.

Years and years of Labour-led administrations “SORTING IT OUT” in private.

Take, for example, their building programme under PFI contracts.

They proudly tell us that they have built 14 new schools for an investment of £100 million. The real costs are very different to what they would have us believe and we the tax payers will be paying for Labour’s decision to adopt a very Tory policy for a very long time.

Dalkeith Campus, they tell us cost £27 million when in reality we won’t get much change from £118 million based on a 30 years contract.

The children who now attend these schools will still be paying for them when the buildings are either no longer in existence or no longer fit for purpose.

So I say, keep allowing our local politicians a voice so that the people can read what is happening behind closed doors most of the time and if it annoys the administration so much the better.

It may help to make them more aware that it’s OUR MONEY (my capitals) they are spending.

Roll on next May so that we can get real change.

Joe Wallace

(Address withheld)

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