Letters to the Editor

Bated breath

Derek Milligan complains about the grant settlement from the SNP Government.

Perhaps he could tell us by how much the council tax would have risen over the last four years had the Scottish Government not stepped in to halt profligate local authorities (usually Labour controlled) from inflicting more financial pain on those who can least afford it?

Under the last Labour administration at Holyrood (and let’s hope it remains that) the council tax rose by 60%.

It’s no wonder you get letters from irate council tax payers asking you to ignore local councillors from “scoring brownie points” over each other.

However, I would again like to thank you for allowing these things to be published because, as I said before, how else would we know what they are getting up to with our money?

Instead of attacking the Scottish Government for what was a more generous settlement than was expected, Labour in Scotland should be be asking the Westminster Government why this year Scotland only got £30billion from the Exchequer when the Chancellor raked in £14billion extra in a tax grab on North sea oil?

Maybe that’s because it was in their interest, for the last 50 years, to tell the people of Scotland that oil was always running out. Well now we know there is, at least, another 50 years of oil wealth still to come. Maybe this time it could be used for the common good as it is in Norway.

I wait with bated breath to hear from the Labour council what the disastrous PFI contracts will eventually cost us and how much of the grant given to Midlothian Council this year will go to paying for them?

Name & address withheld

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