Letters to the Editor

Hindsight is wonderful

I suppose hindsight is a wonderful thing: those of us who saw the building of the A720 and its links with the A1, A7 and A68 could foretell that the volume of traffic would increase hugely, especially when plans were in place for the (now existing) Dalkeith bypass.

Midlothian Council is quite correct in its assertion that a flyover (or underpass) is needed to reduce the congestion at Sheriffhall. Clearly there are cost implications and to achieve this will take some considerable time.

Until this happens we will continually have to put up with drivers whose vehicles are fitted with ‘optional extras’ such as indicators, and the (many others) whose knowledge of lane discipline and the ability to read road markings is woefully lacking.

Almost daily we have to watch for these inconsiderate individuals who have no thought for other users and regularly ‘shoot’ the traffic lights, or take their own route through this junction.

One problem is the lack of signage on the approach from the Cockatoo indicating in which lane drivers should approach to progress to their chosen exit. A visible police presence seems to have some sort of ameliorating effect, but lack of resources ensures that dangerous or inconsiderate individuals are not apprehended.

Perhaps it is time for mobile cameras to be employed so that these offenders can be called to book!

Ian Bee

Address withheld

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