Letters to the Editor

Back to drawing board

A Lib Dem councillor says there are too many unanswered questions regarding Independence.

The only question I would like to ask him is, why can’t the Lib Dems get a policy, any policy, that they can stick to?

They used to be for federalism for the countries of the UK.

That has morphed into the slowly, slowly policy of devolution of the Labour party, designed to keep some Labour politicians at Westminster and over a dozen Labour Lords and Ladies in a lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. (What do they all do for the £100,000 per year plus expenses?)

Free education became £9,000. The abolition of the post of Secretary of State for Scotland (the Tories man in Scotland) went oot the windae when the post was offered to them.

The Claim of Rights, stating that only the people of Scotland have the right to determine their future, signed by none other than Lord Jim (Jings, no another Lord for Scotland surely?) has now been declared illegal by Lord Jim. Amazing what the London air (or is it the money?) does for Unionist politicians.

As for the crocodile tears for the barracks, what guarantees are there now?

So, it’s back to the drawing board for the Lib Dums but just leave it blank this time and save the chalk.

Just put your hands up when Labour and Tory politicians tell you to.

And as for the questions on independence; we’ll run our country as best we can just as other normal countries do but with the added advantage of being self sufficient in oil, gas, electricity, not to mention the growing whisky and food exports, and for the benefit of the people who live here and not big bankers and millionaires who rule us at present.

Joe Wallace

(address withheld)

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