Letters to the Editor

Signs needed at bridge

With reference to your report on the two recent car accidents on Lasswade Bridge (Advertiser, February 23), I would add my concern for the provision of greater safety measures to cover the approaches and the bridge itself.

Passing across the bridge in both directions several times a week over the past 40 years very soon taught me to recognise a considerable hazard existed.

As a consequence, I have always reduced my speed to 20mph as I approach the pedestrian crossing at the post office/Laird & Dog and, likewise, as I pass the Polton Road junction coming from Bonnyrigg.

May I suggest that 20mph signs on both poles and road surface be placed at the sharp bend before the post office and at the Polton Road junction?

I feel sure these two warning signs would reduce the incidence of accidents and ‘near misses’, particularly with motorists unfamiliar with the hazardous nature of this short stretch of road.

Eric Caulton

(Member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists)

Dewartown, by Gorebridge

‘Broke’ bins? No thanks

Midlothian Council is conducting a recycling survey and proposes to give us even more containers. Where is the householder going to keep these?

I have to question the wisdom of introducing food waste bins.

For the benefit of the younger generation, there was a practice run by pig farmers all over the country until the late 50s. It was known as the ‘broke collection’.

The pig farmer collected his broke bin from the householder’s property and returned it empty to the same place. This was not a kerbside collection, which is what the council is proposing.

So, instead of just having paper-plastic-tin cans plus the stupid recycling blowing around, the council is proposing to have stinking food scattered around our streets, attracting vermin. Another lightweight container to be blow around.

What is required to solve this problem is a bottom-weighted recycling wheelie bin that won’t be blown over in high winds and our council can separate the contents as it wishes.

In planning to cut bulky uplifts, is the council going to cut Council Tax?

If Midlothian Council wants to increase the amount of waste that is recycled, more street cleaners should be put to work picking up all the rubbish that comes from the present unsuitable recycling boxes.

But we don’t need or want ‘broke bins’.

Robert King

Barley Court, Easthouses

Restored my faith

I lost my purse on February 25 in Dalkeith town centre and naturally reported it to the police. I had completely given up hope of ever seeing anything again but just before 9.30 the following evening our doorbell rang and a lady handed in my purse.

She had seen two young boys throwing it away and picked it up – she went to all the hassle of finding out our address and I was so taken aback that I didn’t even give find out her name or address or give her anything to say thanks.

I would like to voice immense thanks to her as although I had cancelled bank cards and the cash was missing, my purse also had my driver’s license and various other loyalty cards in it and they were still there.

A huge thank you again to the lady who has restored my faith in humanity.

Lesley-Ann Baird

(Address supplied)

l Are you the lady who returned the purse? If so, call us on on 0131 561 6614 or email janet.bee@jnlothian.co.uk

Surprising read

I was surprised to read in last week’s Letters that Councillor Alex Bennett is opposed to free market capitalism and in favour of a plan to tackle inequality, injustice and poverty and a redistribution of power for every person on these islands.

My surprise stems from my experience of the Labour Party in power at Westminster and Holyrood where it has demonstrated, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it is absolutely in favour of capitalism and redistributing wealth to the rich.

The Labour Party in Midlothian has never publicly expressed any opposition to the policies of the UK Labour Party whether they were in power or out of it.

Fortunately for Councillor Bennett there is a local organisation, Midlothian Campaign Against the Cuts which shares his expressed beliefs.

We wrote to all Midlothian councillors last year, including Councillor Bennett, informing them of our views, only Councillor Montgomery replied.

Nevertheless we reiterate our offer to support any candidate who endorses our anti cuts, pro-public service platform.

The platform can be viewed at www.midlothiananti-cuts.org. If no such candidates step forward from the existing political parties then we will endorse candidates standing under the banner of the Scottish Anti Cuts Coalition or similar body.

Bob Goupillot

Midlothian Campaign Against the Cuts

Nothing changes

In response to Midlothian Council’s comments re the Advertiser’s Asda crossing story.

It seems to be that these crossings are for the visually impaired only. Blind people must find it very difficult.