Letters to the Editor

Degree of sadness

IT is with a degree of sadness that I write this letter. I feel so sorry for those suffering from a terminal illness.

I used to do my bit to help by taking out standing orders, although I have not had a wage for many years. This, in addition to what I gave to persons in the street, made me feel that I was doing my little bit to help the cause. Nowadays I am inundated with letters almost every day, asking not for £2 but £15 and £20. This is totally out of order and, to my mind, very ignorant. It must cost them a lot for all the stationery used.

Of all the terminal illnesses we hear about – and people collecting everywhere to help – we never hear a word said about a killer disease that is such a horrible, debilitating illness. It takes away all faculties and reaches a sad ending. This is, of course, motor neurone disease.

A dear friend of mine, who is one of Scotland’s 450 sufferers, has published a booklet on the web at a cost of £2.50, all monies going direct to the MND Foundation.

I urge you to purchase this booklet or try and borrow one. This booklet of poems about MND lets you see what these people suffer each day of their lives.

Alex Hutchison

Dundas Gardens, Gorebridge

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