Letters to the Editor

Dog dirt responsibility

Dog fouling is no joke but neither is providing bins for waste food unless the council has taken up pig farming.

Without having seen them I can visualise trouble with rats, mice etc and I am afraid householders just won’t want the extra bother. A good idea, yes, but making it work that’s a different story. I hope I am wrong.

Poo, poo regarding the dog fouling. Bring back the dog licence which we had years ago. It would enable the council to provide more wardens and bins if dog owners bothered to use them.

Walking two or three dogs in built up areas is a health hazard and yes, I love dogs. I know a blind gentleman who can’t walk to his local shop without carrying poo back into his house (horrible) and children have to play in parks etc getting covered in filth.

All I ask is that dog owners realised their responsibility.

P Anderson

Park Avenue, Bilston

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