Letters to the Editor

Lack of open space

Under the United Nations charter on human rights, section 3, paragraph 1, I quote: “Every child has a right to play.”

If open space, whether it is a playground, field, desert, park or an island, they are allowed to play there – legally their right.

Over the years, around Penicuik an example of loss of open space for children especially is sad to see.

The Proclaimers’ song Sunshine on Penicuik sums it all up in 2012. Eastfield Park – no more; Hay’s Park – no more; Kirkhill Park – no more; Ladywood Park – no more; Cuiken school field – no more; Eastfield school field – no more; Strathesk School – no field at all; Peebles Road playing field – no pavilion I implore; YMCA – five-a-side pitches – neglected eyesore; public park grass football pitch replaced by astroturf. Let’s hope for more at Mauricewood bing.

Penicuik High School playing fields, not even next door, shared with dog walkers with poo everywhere.

Tam Crawford, oor dog warden, will knock on your door if you step out of line, be ready to stump up a £40 fine.

The Penicuik children’s gala day is in a confined space.

Even Auchendinny with a good football pitch has no community centre, no shop or pub. Perhaps a builder with “planning gain” will stump up?

This once lively wee toon is a disgrace. Penicuik people will try and make the best of it showing some community spirit. It’s the next generation of bairns I worry about – no open space left for a kick about.

So let’s stop destroying our open space. Do it for our kids because they deserve it. It’s not too late.

Alan Robertson

Dykes Road, Penicuik

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