Letters to the Editor

Peacocks debate

Alan Anderson’s letter regrets the removal of the beautiful peacocks from The Retreat Hotel, Bonnyrigg. I agree.

Peacocks are beautiful and have graced and enhanced gardens, grounds, palaces, historic landscapes etc for centuries.

While empathising with children’s sleeplessness, it must be realised a move to country surroundings does bring other challenges, different sorts of noises, sploshes, smells, interesting interaction between wildlife etc.

I hope there can be a meeting of minds between the owners and the signatories.

The Retreat is a unique local attraction, delightfully eccentric, and it would be such a loss if its ethos was to be destroyed.

The peacocks on home ground give immense pleasure.

The staff are professional, efficient and kind and give kids and grownups alike a warm and courteous welcome.

I am sure the signatories and their children would be treated similarly.

Althea Bekker

Arniston House, Gorebridge

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