Letters to the Editor

Taking the biscuit

I refer to the letter from Green Councillor Ian Baxter in last week’s Advertiser where he claims to “play no part in the coalition” with the SNP and the Independent Councillor Peter de Vink.

For the record Councillor Baxter has now voted for two separate SNP Leaders of the council and two separate SNP Deputy Leaders.

He also voted with his coalition partners to form the administration who are now in control of Midlothian Council following the elections in May 2012.

Councillor Baxter can pontificate as much as he wants about not being a part of the coalition, however the facts do not back him up.

This council is controlled by an SNP, Green, Independent coalition and for Councillor Baxter to pretend otherwise really takes the Organic Biscuit.

Councillor Adam Montgomery

Chair, Labour Group

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