Letters to the Editor

Love thy neighbour

When I moved to Pentland Terrace, in 1940, the Dunkirk spirit was very much in evidence, both nationally and within the Penicuik community.

In those days, when people were less than affluent, neighbourliness was very much the norm.

Over the years, much has been said about the decline in community spirit, both locally and nationally, but I would like to take this opportunity to refute this

A month ago, when hanging out my washing, I slipped in the garden and broke my hip. From that moment, when two young men carried me into the house, and every day since, I have been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness, practical assistance and concern of my neighbours and friends.

Not in many communities would so many people go that extra mile for a 92-year-old neighbour.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their cards, phone calls, visits and offers of help.

Never have the words, “Love thy neighbour as thyself” been so well demonstrated as by the people of Penicuik, and Pentland Terrace in particular, over the last month. I thank you all.

Molly Paton

Pentland Terrace, Penicuik