Letters to the Editor

Wind farms future?

I am pleased to see in letters from Professors Sugden and Trewavas that they wish to continue the debate about electricity generation from wind turbines.

Surrounded by windy sites on the Pentlands and the Moorfoots, we need this issue explored in detail.

I have changed my own party political membership because of very strong views on the issue. The Liberal Democrats were firmly against nuclear power stations, so I left and joined the Scottish Conservative and Unionists, who are not.

At Ayr this year my new party passed a resolution: “This conference is concerned about the over-development of onshore windfarms, ruining the landscape, delivering inefficient, intermittent, unreliable energy and contributing to fuel poverty and costs to industry though increased energy bills, and believes that there needs to be a new approach to energy policy which includes the reduction or removal of subsidies for onshore wind farms and calls for a moratorium on all onshore wind developments until such policy is put in place.”

Tony Galloway

Mitchell Street, Dalkeith

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