Letters to the Editor

‘Negligible’ visibility?

In THE article “Turbine claims refuted” (August 23), Colin Williams of Wind Prospect claims “that the level of visibility of the wind farm from Penicuik would be negligible”.

At the Auchencorth Public Inquiry, PEPA flew a blimp 100 metres high at the proposed site. The blimp was highly visible to the Inquiry Reporters during their tour of Penicuik and its surroundings.

Mount Lothian is a similar distance from Penicuik as Auchencorth, but on even higher ground. The zones of theoretical visibility (ZTVs) presented by Wind Prospect at their exhibitions are remarkably similar to those for Auchencorth.

Penicuik citizens will be able to judge for themselves whether the wind farm visibility will be “negligible” when we fly a 100-metre high blimp from the site.

Professor Tony Trewavas, FRS FRSE

Chairman, Penicuik Environment Protection Association

Croft Street, Penicuik

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