Letters to the Editor

Royal Support

Despite many shocking and sad news items in the last few weeks, I am sure most of the country is still basking in the warm glory of the spectacular London Olympic Games and the wonderful successes of Team GB.

I am convinced that we wouldn’t have won nearly so many medals if it wasn’t for the fantastic support of the Royal Family, especially William, Kate and Harry, who managed to cheer our athletes on to all of their successes in just about every event. They should have been awarded medals themselves for their dedication and support of the national effort.

It must have made our medal winners feel extra proud to stand on the Olympic podium knowing that Royalty was in attendance to salute their victories. It cannot have been simply coincidence that when we won a medal, Kate, William, Harry or the Princess Royal were there. They inspired our athletes to glory.

My niece said she couldn’t believe how many events the Royals attended, and they must have spent hours queuing for tickets. How I laughed!

It is worth also congratulating the people of Midlothian for the wonderful contribution they made to the Olympic spirit when the flame was coming our way. The turnout was incredible. Such an event will never happen again but we are all better for it.

Francesca Douglas

Ninth Street, Newtongrange

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