Letters to the Editor

We’ll live to regret it

Karen Thorburn (Advertiser, November 9) claims that the wind energy company, Wind Prospect, has been completely open with the local community about their proposals. They have not.

Despite my frequent questions and hopeful nudges, they refuse to say what their expected profit will be and how much they are paying the landowner.

These figures are essential so that the public can judge for themselves the real motives behind all this supposed concern to get other ‘facts’ across.

I have yet to find a wind farm company that will openly admit to what their expected profit will be.

Nor have I found one that will justify, face-to-face, generating the most expensive electricity to the 800,000 Scottish families that live in fuel poverty.

And to the OAPs that will die of cold this winter because they are unable to choose whether to eat or heat.

I am ashamed that I live in a country in which the hyperbole that issues from wind farm companies, the silken words that attempt to hide the true reasons for this application, so blatantly omit to mention that the costs fall heaviest upon the poorest and the weakest.

Wind Prospect is not part of this community and its proposals as an outsider aim to destroy what is well-recognised as highly valuable to us, its natural environment, and make us pay for it.

If it is lost, the quality of life for its citizens, young and old, will be seriously damaged for the sake of, what many are now describing as, obscene profit.

And I am saddened by the fact that we have local landowners seduced by the proffered millions for doing nothing, then think only of themselves and forget their responsibilities to their local communities.

If this proposal goes through, Penicuik and its citizens yet-to-come will live to eternally regret it.

As for the visibility of this proposal in Penicuik, a blimp will sort that out and, whatever zones of theoretical visibility say, people do move outside of their houses.

Anthony Trewavas FRS FRSE

Chairman, Penicuik Environment Protection Association

Croft Street, Penicuik

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