Letters to the Editor

Turbine delight

I am delighted Midlothian councillors have rejected the Fala Moor wind farm proposal.

It was contrary to the Local Plan. Midlothian Council and Scottish Natural Heritage commissioned a Midlothian Landscape Capacity study to determine if the county and 10 kilometres outside could support wind farms. The conclusion was nowhere could accommodate turbines higher than 45 metres.

The British Wind Energy Association (now RenewableUK) even paid for one of its lawyers to attend the Local Plan Inquiry to try and make it possible to build wind farms here. The Local Plan Reporter upheld the study and reinstated protection for the setting of the Pentland Hills.

Since then, at enormous expense to the council taxpayer and Penicuik Environment Protection Association, the Local Plan was upheld at the Auchencorth Public Inquiry. Why did Midlothian Council taxpayers have the expense of processing the Fala Moor proposal and will shortly have to at Mount Lothian? Why did Scottish Borders Council taxpayers have to pay to defend Spurlens Rig under three miles from Auchencorth?

There is something very wrong with the state of the country when the national government does not recognise decisions taken by its own Government Reporters at Local Inquiries and encourages developers to challenge their decisions time and time again at council taxpayers’ expense.

There is something very wrong when landowners of standing refuse to acknowledge Local Plans.

I would urge the people of Midlothian to support their councillors, who have done such a good job trying to preserve our beautiful county for residents and visitors alike.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road, Penicuik

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