Letters to the Editor

What really happened

As the Secretary of the Newtongrange Community Council, I write to you to clarify what happened at our meeting of October 30; to support the reporting of it by Kevin Quinn; and attempt to take the politics out of a vital new asset to the communities of Gorebridge, Mayfield and Newtongrange – our replacement Newbattle Community High School.

As “Name and Address Withheld” correctly stated, Cllr Johnston addressed our meeting first and told us that the replacement Newbattle High School funding had been agreed and the way was now open for discussion and input for the new school concerning what should be within the new premises. She then went on to another topic.

When Cllr Pottinger came to address the meeting, he stated that the most important proposal was the replacement school and went on to state that Gorebridge Community Council had already stated that the school should be equidistant from all three communities involved and that he thought that the location of the school should be agreed before deciding what facilities should be in it. He further stated that he hoped that Newtongrange Community Council would be fully involved with the new school’s planning.

Cllr Pottinger expanded on the information provided by Cllr Johnstone and made it more pertinent to the Community Council. I therefore believe Kevin Quinn’s report was factual, more encompassing and more relevant than to simply state that the funding had been agreed and the way was open for discussion.

Sadly, the original and two subsequent letters have been interspaced with (in alphabetical order) ‘Labour this .. ‘ and ‘SNP that ..’, but our communities have each elected councillors to represent us and to use their best efforts for all residents – no matter what our political views are.

Wouldn’t we therefore get a better school if our elected representatives put their politics aside and worked together on this major project which has so many implications for the communities they were elected to serve?

Ron Campbell, Secretary, Newtongrange Community Council

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