Letters to the Editor

Photo disgust

As a concerned parent with children at schools in Penicuik, I was dismayed and disgusted to see a photograph of children at Beeslack Community High School in a Wind Prospect leaflet delivered through my door and promoting a proposed wind farm development at Mount Lothian near Penicuik.

My understanding is that no permission was given to Wind Prospect for this photograph to be used, by either their parents or the school. The same photograph was used on the website of Orbit-Comms (picture now removed), a PR company working on behalf of Wind Prospect.

Schools have to be very careful about photographing children at any time because if such photographs are distributed, as they were here to thousands of households within and around Penicuik, they can attract unwanted attentions.

Wind Prospect is a profit-making company and they have used photographs of children who have now been used unknowingly for commercial advertising, solely for gain. They have exploited and placed these children at unnecessary risk for motives which I find deplorable.

Gary Oliver

Mount Lothian Cottage, Penicuik

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