Letters to the Editor

Feeble apology

In the article “School Photo Sparks Anger” (Advertiser, December 13) concerning a photo of 12-13 year old children at Beeslack Community High School, Karen Thorburn of Wind Prospect is quoted as saying “We have withdrawn the photograph immediately from circulation”.

It is still there on their website as I write on December 15 and a week after it was claimed to be removed.

It is also obvious that no attempt whatsoever was made to ask the school or parents permission before they used Penicuik’s children for their own commercial ends. By not asking permission, which would have been refused, Wind Prospect ensured that the leaflet could be circulated, with standard apologies later, if found out.

The feeble apology offered adds insult to injury. It is nothing other than crocodile tears since there has been no attempt to partly rectify the damage it inflicted by circulating further leaflets to all local households admitting error.

Wind Prospect likes to try and hide its true intention by appearing to be lady bountiful, offering small bits of money here and there which has already been previously contributed by all of us.

This behaviour will merely confirm in the minds of many that the action was deliberate and conducted solely for the aim of making several hundred millions pounds of profit for the company by destroying our countryside and, the final insult, making us pay for it. And, of course, in the process, placing our children at greater risk.

The first thing that goes with big money is truth, responsibility and morality.

Professor Tony Trewavas FRS FRSE

Croft Street, Penicuik