Letters to the Editor

Town not for turning

In reference to your online chat about the leaflet reportedly sent to 10,000 households within 8km of the proposed Mount Lothian wind farm, I would like to add to Mr Oliver’s comments.

Although Wind Prospect have withdrawn the leaflet and taken it belatedly from their website, it is still easily found on the web.

Mr Reeves might find it acceptable for firms to advertise a planning application using children without parental consent, but I am sure many parents would agree with the Data Protection Act that a photo taken for one purpose cannot be used for another.

Wind Prospect has not only used children, it has also used the Secretary of State, Michael Moore to promote its proposed planning application.

His photo with very young children in a playground was used without his consent. I do not think Mr Oliver is over reacting to complain about such behaviour.

This is the eighth Christmas that Penicuik has been blighted by wind farm developers and such tactics as this.

They do not know that we can see through their PR and, as was seen with the public consultation for the five year Penicuik Development Plan, we value our scenery.

In that document it was called Penicuik’s crowning glory. One of our MSPs, Christine Grahame, wrote an appreciation of the Pentland Hills in the Advertiser last week.

In this week’s Advertiser, chairman of VisitScotland praised our glorious county.

I personally believe this town is not for turning.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road, Penicuik

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