Letters to the Editor

Toilets: Think again

So, it’s back behind the hedge folks or put a penny in the box.

To close public toilets is absolutely shocking and to allow the public to use other premises such as hotels, pubs, etc is surely not on. I hope the owners of these premises have the sense to know the germs this will cause. Who would want to eat in such conditions, with people coming off the streets to relieve themselves?

We need the toilets and respect for the cleaners who look after them. The person who thought this one up is completely bonkers, but maybe they carry a wee bag inside their trousers. So I’m alright, Jack.

Please think again. This is serious and dangerous to the public.

If money is required then put on a small charge. I am sure users will be happy to do so for the convenience.

Mrs P Anderson,

Park Avenue, Bilston

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