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Parking permits

I cannot believe the lack of foresight being shown by the council in this matter.

The people who work in Dalkeith town centre, want to park close to their work, and human nature tells us, that they will seek out free parking.

The introduction of a parking permit system will only displace the problem to the surrounding streets. Where ever the parking permit area line is drawn, following its introduction, the next street along will suffer from parking issues.

Exactly the same thing has happened in Edinburgh, commuters seek out parking that is not in a controlled zone, and subsequently, the controlled zone has been gradually expanded until it extends virtually to the city limits.

The solution is to introduce an all day parking facility for Dalkeith workers in conjunction with any parking restrictions, and charge the workers (not the residents) £300 for an annual permit, the residents should be given a free permit to park in their own streets. This could be achieved by designating a number of car park spaces within existing car parks as “all day” Dalkeith workers parking bays.

While I applaud the initiative to change the operation of the car park at the back of the shops on the High Street, from a free to park all day, to a free to park for one-hour operation, it has resulted in the car park being underutilised, and those cars that used to park there all day, have been displaced to the surrounding streets of Dalkeith.

The car park at the Bowling Club behind the bus station is always full. Lidl’s car park has a two-hour maximum stay, and is underutilised, both car parks could be better managed. Midlothian Council roads department should come up with a parking management plan that actually makes sense and attempts to solve the problem, rather than displacing it elsewhere.

Christopher Shaw

Waverley road, Eskbank

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