Letters to the Editor

Parking charges

I read with interest the letter in the Midlothian Advertiser, February 20, from RS Campbell regarding parking charges.

In the letter it is claimed that the new stations along the Borders Railway will have pay and display car parks. This is not the case. We can assure local residents and commuters that the parking bays provided at the stations will be free throughout Midlothian.

This was an issue which was raised by residents during the parliamentary process and it was agreed at that time that parking at the stations would be free of charge. The stations have been designed, with agreement from Transport Scotland and the local authority, to offer a balance between providing adequate parking facilities and a central locality within easy walking distance of many potential users.

I hope that this gives local residents the assurances that they require. Full details of the facilities available at each of the stations, as well as the latest news about the project, can be found on our website at www.bordersrailway.co.uk

Craig Bowman

Communications Manager,

Network Rail

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