Letters to the Editor

Keep the pool

The Newbattle Swimming Pool opened in 1969 having been willingly paid for by Newbattle residents through an increase in their rates, a decision that was democratically taken through a local vote.

Now, with far less local democracy the council proposes to close the Newbattle Swimming Pool and relocate it in the new Newbattle Community High School.

Last year the main pool and children’s pool was used over 31,500 times, and this was without any marketing.

There is a groundswell of public opinion which opposes this proposal.

The view is that the pool should be upgraded and refurbished but kept in its present location which is easily accessible by several frequent buses from all parts of South East Midlothian.

It has been suggested that this is not 21st Century thinking, but, with multiple house builds, the pending railway, the National Mining Museum and a busy caravan park near Newtongrange, this pool is a local attraction for visitors to the area.

Given also that we do not score well on the “heart attack / obesity / stroke” scales and average lifespan of local people less than the Scottish norm, it seems only sensible to keep the pool within walking distance of the town and as accessible as possible.

On behalf of the Pool Users Group I ask the council to keep the swimming pool in Newtongrange.

Marion Black

Pool Users Group

Bellsmains, Gorebridge

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