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Binmen’s pay row

In reply to Mr Loughrie (Advertiser letters, April 18) I would suggest that he stops burying his head in the sand and at least be honest about the actual hours worked in any given day.

He states that the work is only finished earlier on days of adverse weather, what a joke.

Perhaps the Labour councillors who were trying to fight the corner of the loader/sorters should look at the very expensive vehicle trackers that they had installed in the vehicles and see exactly how few hours Mr Loughrie etc actually work per week.

I have on many occasions recently seen three loaders on these vehicles when there has been no snow or ice so, yet again, I have to dispute the comments made by ‘name & address withheld’ on the same letters page. Mr Loughrie should also remember that it is not that long ago he was the one shouting off his mouth to have drivers wages reduced to give loaders more money.

I should also like to add that the loader/sorters were advised that they would lose this supplement when they received their incremental increase last year. Why did they not do something about it then?

It is reassuring to see that the council administration are not buckling to pressure from Labour councillors.

Robert Scott

Brixwold Drive, Bonnyrigg

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