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Man of the people?

I read with interest the guilty verdict passed by the Standards Commissioner on Midlothian’s SNP politicians Colin and Lisa Beattie for millions of pounds worth of undeclared property.

Colin Beattie at the last Scottish Parliament elections went on about being supposedly socialist, but he glossed over his time as a well paid London banker.

‘We are all in this Together’ he said.

Well I’m not surprised he tried to keep his houses secret. Given the homes shortage, people will be angry to discover that between them, this “power couple” own seven different properties across Scotland, some in posh parts of Edinburgh.

This SNP politician seems more similar to David Cameron’s Bullingdon Club Cabinet than any of the folk he claims to represent in Musselburgh and Midlothian.

Still at least we now know who this man of the people is truly representative of.

Simon Mullen

(Address withheld)

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