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Blatant disregard

I wanted to highlight to you a critical failure of Scotland’s statutory agency for the heritage to protect that which is in their ownership and the need to bring this to the public’s attention.

Mavisbank House, near Loanhead, is in Historic Scotland’s own words Scotland’s most important small country house but is about to finally fall down. Perhaps more critically than that, it is an important designed landscape, listed in their Inventory, which is declining rapidly because they refuse to do anything ‘beyond their policy’ to support it, despite the fact that they own it!

The Mavisbank Trust has been working with the local community, who are excluded from a vital green space on their doorstep, to find a sustainable solution for Mavisbank that can support the local economy. But the lack of action from Historic Scotland to support this approach is resulting in its failure with organisations who might fund it, such as the Heritage Lottery Fund who recently rejected the Trust’s bid for funding. If the scheme were successful,Historic Scotland would hand over ownership to the Trust and waltz off into the sunset having passed on their liability.

This blatant disregard for our important heritage must be brought to the attention of the public so they can see how well the government takes care of the things we value and treasure and that make Scotland what it is!

Minnie Linklater

(Address withheld)

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