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Cross party support

Apparently members of the Labour Party elite are getting themselves into a tizzy about the fact that grassroots members of the Labour Party have formed a Labour for Independence group which is affiliated to the Yes campaign.

It seems a number of Labour MPs and unelected Lords have become upset as they see the prospect of independence removing the nice little earner which they have in London and have accused Labour for Independence of being an SNP front, which is completely untrue and false. Indeed, the fact that ‘cropped’ photographs have been used by the Labour leadership and Better Together would suggest that any dishonesty is coming from the No side. The Yes campaign is a broad church – exactly as it should be. At no time have I or anyone who is also a member of the SNP pretended that we are members of Labour. However, we will support those Labour members and supporters who have the courage to stand up for their principles and join the Yes campaign. At a time when the UK government is presiding over the biggest cut in living standards in our lifetime, a government which is allowing the UK to become one of the most unequal countries in the developed world, I think that it is scandalous that Alistair Darling feels so at home with his Conservative Party allies in Better Together that he goes along to speak to the Tory conference. The general public should be aware that the Yes campaign also includes the Scottish Green Party, Scottish Socialist Party, Trade Unionists for Independence, as well as many other groups and individuals, most of whom are not members of the SNP, or any other political party. This, after all, is a movement to secure the independence which our country needs in order to prosper.

Cllr Andrew Coventry

Boyd Orr Drive,


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