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Engage with residents

Your article in the Advertiser (August 15) rightly points out some of the many concerns surrounding the proposed Local Development Plan.

Potential plans for new houses at Straiton will only lead to further congestion, removal of greenbelt and the potential displacement of the residents living in the nearby caravan parks.

Midlothian Lib Dems want to see the creation of sustainable communities, but what is envisaged for Straiton looks more like a recipe for further traffic congestion and people losing their homes.

By placing more homes on the other side of the A701, we are in danger of creating indistinct communities, with urban sprawl from Edinburgh to Loanhead and beyond.

Moreover, there must be serious concerns about the suitability of the land which has seen extensive mining in the area over the years.

Midlothian planners need to take a bottom-up approach and engage with local residents before drawing lines on maps to meet housing targets.

Ross Laird

Kirkhill Road, Penicuik

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