Letters to the Editor

With reference to the proposed improvements to the Dalkeith High Street well illustrated by the artists drawing on page 1 of the Advertiser (December 23).

As a botanist and a lover of trees, I would like to suggest the planting of amenity trees along the proposed widening of the pedestrian areas.

The proposed trees would extend the length of the High Street from the junction of the main road and the short road leading the the Country Park as far as the park and the bus station.

I would like to suggest planting Rowan trees at appropriate intervals. Rowan trees have several advantages for the urban landscape: Rowan is an iconic Scottish tree which grows naturally throughout Scotland alongside Scots Pine and Birch; it is a small tree and would require little maintenance; its white blossoms in the Spring and the orange/red berries in late summer give a splash of colour to the streets; unlike Birch, its pollen, if airborne in windy weather, is not allergenic to hay fever sufferers; lastly green vegetation, whether trees or flowers have at therapeutic effect, softening the hard building lines.

I hope this suggestion may have appeal to local residents and visitors alike.

Eric Caulton

Dewartown by Gorebridge

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